KRAV MAGA Beginner's Course

Concentrated know-how in self-protection and self-defense in the convenience of your living room!
Train where you want, when you want!


10 lessons, about 75 min each


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This course will be available online on Monday, February 28, 2021 / 20:00h
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Increase Security and Self-Confidence

"KRAV MAGA in the living room at home - it works and is great fun!"

In our KRAV MAGA training program, we combine effective self-defense techniques with a hard-hitting body workout.

Technical know-how, tips and tricks as well as a personal exchange with our experienced instructors round out the program and provide variety.

Anyone over the age of 12 can participate, whether a beginner or more experienced. Just register, bring energy and motivation to get started with our KRAV MAGA training.
Headcoach KRAV CORE Basel

Course Topics

What Our Students Say

"Simply super! This enthusiasm and joy in Krav Maga are contagious! Thank you for your patience and explanations; it really helped me!"
Elias K., Germany
"Sweaty fitness/fight training in your own living room! Learned a lot of important basic knowledge about self-defense and especially conflict avoidance in 4 lessons so far."
Gregor, Switzerland
"From the first minute I felt comfortable. Everything is explained here until it is understood. An optimal mix for me between theory, practice and fitness."
Jürgen Grusa, Bavaria / Germany